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Email Services

Business-class email services are inclusive in the price of TJ-Hosting hosting plans.

What is Business-Class Email Hosting?

Business-Class Email hosting is a service that eliminates the need for businesses to manage their own email servers in-house to provide employees with email. At TJ-Hosting, we host your email for your business and provide you and your employees with anytime/anywhere access to email via SecureWebMail, SecurePOP3, AuthSMTP and wireless devices.

*Note: If you operate an in-house email server, MX records can be requested from our engineering team via our Help Desk.

Email Hosting Features:

- User Manager and Manageable Email Storage
- Secure POP3
- Outgoing Authenticated SMTP Server
- Secure WebMail
- Personalized WebMail login URL:
- Anti-Virus Protection
- Anti-Spam Filtering
- Catch-All Email
- Unlimited Email Forwarding
- Unlimited Email Aliases
- Unlimited Email Autoresponders
- Email servers and data backup
- ASP and ASP.NET mail components
- Real-Time Network Monitoring 24/7

User Manager and Manageable Email Storage

TJ-Hosting user manager allows you to create personalized email with the flexibility to allocate storage quotas of 10MB to 100MB per email account. Email accounts are password protected and once a password is created, if the password is forgotten it can not be retrieved it can only be reset. Each e-mail account is independent and is set up to be accessed by the specific user.

TJ-Hosting Starter Hosting Plan includes 1000MB of email storage. 1000MB of email storage allows you to create a maximum of 100 email accounts (100 email accounts x 10MB = 1000MB)

TJ-Hosting Business Hosting Plan includes 2000MB of email storage which allows you to create a maximum of 200 email accounts (200 email accounts x 10MB = 2000MB)

*Note: If you require more email accounts, you can
add-on additional email storage to your hosting plan.

Secure POP3

POP3 is the traditional email protocol that allows you to access email from your desktop computer mail client, like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc. TJ-Hosting provides secure POP3 at no additional cost, secure POP3 is SSL encryption to protect your email communications between your computer and TJ-Hosting email servers.

Outgoing Authenticated SMTP Server

TJ-Hosting provides authenticated SMTP server to our customers to prevent customers from using our email servers to send Spam.

Secure WebMail

Webmail is a web-based email client hosted by TJ-Hosting that allows you and your employees to access email from any web browser (like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) without having to install any email software on your computer. For added security, TJ-Hosting has applied SSL encryption to fully protect your communication between your computer and TJ-Hosting email servers via WebMail. Secure WebMail login with SSL encryption is offered by selecting the secure option on WebMail login page or by going directly to:

Personalized WebMail login URL

TJ-Hosting provides all its customers with a personalized WebMail login URL: and this allows you and your employees to access your WebMail directly via your web browser.

Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-Virus scanning takes place on the server-side which means all incoming emails including attachments will be first scanned for viruses before entering your inbox. If a virus is detected or an attachment with a virus is removed, you will receive notification by e-mail.

Anti-Spam Filtering

It is estimate that over 75% of all email traffic on the Internet is Spam. Spam is the most complex problem facing the Internet today and the complexity of the problem is constantly evolving. Although it is difficult to eliminate Spam completely, TJ-Hosting has developed an effective way to identify Spam. Our Spam Filtering technology is more then 98% accurate in identifing Spam. We accomplishes this by gathering real-time Spam intelligence from a number of sources and then actively use this intelligence to identify Spam.

TJ-Hosting Spam filtering technology allows you to customize the level of Spam protection that best suits your needs – The following Spam filtering options are available provided and can be set by your account administrator via the Hosting Manager:

Option #1 - Add [SPAM] prefix to Subject of emails containing SPAM and deliver to mailboxes.
Option #2 - Delete SPAM on server-side without delivering to mailboxes.
Option #3 - Disable SPAM Filters.

*Note: If you choose to add [SPAM] prefix to Subject of emails containing SPAM and deliver to mailboxes, your email users can then set an inbound rule to automatically move anything that has been identified as Spam to a Spam/Trash folder.

Catch-all E-mail

The Catch-all email function allows you to capture all e-mails that have been sent to a non-existent e-mail address @ This is ideal for recovering e-mails that are incorrectly addressed or misspelled.

Unlimited E-mail Forwarding

Easily divert all e-mails received under your domain addresses to any other external e-mail address.

Unlimited E-mail Auto-Responders

Create an auto-responder to automatically reply to any e-mail sent to a particular address. This feature is ideal if you are on vacation, unavailable, or just want to let the sender know that you have received their e-mail.

Unlimited E-mail Aliases

Set up an individual address for a person or subject to be handled under your new domain name. The e-mails are funneled to any e-mail address you choose.

Email Servers and Data Backup

For optimum performance and reliability TJ-Hosting email service operates on DELL PowerEdge Servers. We operate a cluster of email servers in load balanced server configurations for redundancy and high availability. Data is stored on Network Attached Storage with mirrored disk arrays utilizing RAID technology. The disk arrays are designed for high-performance read/write operations and provide redundancy in case of hardware failures. If a disk fails, the system has a mirrored copy of the data on a separate disk, allowing email services to continue operating as normal. A snapshot of all data is taken every 24 hours and weekly using a tape backup system. In the unlikely event that two mirrored disks fail at the same time, or a disaster occurs, the tape backup can be used to restore data to new hardware. If a customer accidentally deletes important data, they can request, for a fee, a restoration of individual mailboxes.

ASP and ASP.NET Mail Components

The following ASP and ASP.NET Mail components are installed on TJ-Hosting web hosting servers and are available at no additional cost.

- CDOSYS mail object
- ASPEmail by Persits
- DynuEmail
- AspNetEmail by Advanced Intellect

*Note: For sample code on how to send email from your web application, please visit our Support Center

Real-Time Network Monitoring

TJ-Hosting monitors its network in real-time 24/7. In case of a service interruption our network engineers will respond immediately to resolve the issue quickly. TJ-Hosting data center is equipped with manned security surveillance 24/7, redundant power supplies (UPS/Generator Backup), proper climate control, fire detection and suppression systems.
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