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Database Services

TJ-Hosting offers SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000, MySQL and MS Access database.

* One 500MB MySQL database is included in the price of TJ-Hosting Value Hosting Plan.
* One 500MB SQL 2005 or SQL 2000 or MySQL database is included in the price of TJ-Hosting Business Hosting Plan.
* MS Access database is supported in all of TJ-Hosting Web hosting plans.

Additional databases can be added to the Starter Hosting Plan, Business Hosting Plan and Enterprise Hosting Plan in real-time via the Account Manager control panel.

Database Servers and Data Backup

At TJ-Hosting, we understand that data is the most critical of any data-driven web application.

TJ-Hosting database hosting environment is optimized for security, performance and reliability to ensure your data-driven Web applications are always flowing even under the most demanding of circumstances. For optimum performance and reliability our SQL Database hosting services operate on dedicated DELL PowerEdge Servers. Database servers operate in fail-over server configurations in case of hardware failure.

Data is stored on mirrored disk arrays utilizing RAID technology to ensure high availability. The disk arrays are designed for high-performance read/write operations and provide redundancy in case of disk failures. If a disk fails, the system has a mirrored copy of the data on a separate disk, allowing data-driven web applications to continue operating as normal. In addition to our live data mirroring, a snapshot of all data is taken every 24 hours. The previous 2 days of database back-ups are available daily and retrievable on-the-fly via the Hosting Manager control panel.

* Daily (once every 24 hours) database back-up.
* Previous 2 days of database back-ups retrievable on-the-fly via the Web-based Hosting Manager control panel.

SQL Server 2000 - Tools and Features

* Real-time web-based back-up and restore tool
* FREE Web-Based SQL Manager (MyLittleAdmin)
* Enterprise Manager Supported
* Query Analyzer Supported
* ASP.NET SQL Server Session Support
* SQLXML 3.0
* MDAC 2.8
* SQL User Manager, manage/add users in real-time
* SQL User Password Reset Tool

SQL Server 2005 - Tools and Features

* SQL Management Studio
* DBO Rights to SQL 2005
* Stored procedure support
* T-SQL Enhancements
* XML Data Types
* Multiple Active Result Set (MARS)
* XQuery
* Triggers
* ASP.NET SQL Server Session Support
* SQLXML 4.0
* MDAC 2.8
* SQL User Manager, manage/add users in real-time
* SQL User Password Reset Tool

MySQL Administration Tools

* PhpMyAdmin
* MYSQL Control Center Supported
* MySQL .NET Provider

Real-Time Network Monitoring

TJ-Hosting monitors its network in real-time 24/7. In case of a service interruption our network engineers will respond immediately to resolve the issue. TJ-Hosting data center is equipped with manned security surveillance 24/7, redundant power supplies (UPS/Generator Backup), climate controls, fire detection and suppression systems.
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